The fashion month was full of exciting looks! As always, designers had their celebrity clientele in mind. Since they like to show some skin both on and off red carpets, the collections were full of sexy looks. Feast your eyes on the most naked looks from the fashion month that will make you say WOW!

Molly Goddard

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Molly Goddard

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rihanna, do you see this? Molly Goddard has some new fierce dresses for you to make an epic new sneaker and dress combo. Just for the records, Rihanna had a big Molly Goddard moment in a voluminous ruffled blue dress and white sneakers. We are hoping to see Riri in another of these daring dresses soon!

Philipp Plein

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Philipp Plein

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Philipp Plein didn’t miss the chance to throw a provocative show. His models paraded on the runway in extremely sexy looks like this one above.


The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Libertine

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Libertine offered a fresh way to show some skin that falls right in between business and edgy.

Gypsy Sport

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Gypsy Sport

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Gypsy Sport had some of the most naked looks during this fashion month. The label sent its models down the runway in ensembles that barely covered the essentials.

Laquan Smith

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Laquan Smith

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The designer presented a collection filled with naked looks. This lavender combo looks very much like lingerie, but who knows, we might see our favorite celebs rocking it out in public.

Philosophy By Lorenzo Serafini

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow PHILOSOPHY-SERAFINI

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The fashion house presented romantic ways to bare quite a lot. The models looked sexy and elegant at the same time.


The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Ashish

Photo Credit: Getty Images

In Spring 2019 feel free to take your sequined panties out in public! Ashish thinks that’s absolutely normal.


The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Prada

Photo Credit: Getty Images

We saw some of the boldest, riskiest necklines during the fashion month at Prada’s runway presentation. Even if you keep the rest of the look conservative, this deep plunge will get all eyes on you.

David Koma

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow DAVID KOMA

Photo Credit: Getty Images

David Koma presented sheer dresses that leave little to the imagination and look ultra elegant at the same time.

Huishan Zhang

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Huishan Zhang

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Who thought that showing your undies can look so dreamy and romantic? Huishan Zhang has the recipe for such a look!

Christopher Kane

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Christopher Kane

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This dress is a lot more daring than you think! Expect a nip slip as you move.

Fashion East

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Fashion East

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fashion East took the celebrity bike shorts trend to a whole new level! He designed something that looks very much like lingerie but could double as clothing if you are bold enough.  


The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Genny

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Neckline so deep that you can’t prevent a nip slip! It seems that designers were obsessed with exposed nipples this season.


The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Nicopanda

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nicopanda is always here to deliver naked looks that get all the attention. This fishnet dress is destined to become an Insta trend!

Julien Macdonald

The-Most-Naked-Looks-From-The-Fashion-Month-That-Will-Make-You-Say-Wow Julien Macdonald

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Julien Macdonald has a different idea of eveningwear. The designer mixed extremely sexy and elegant elements to come up with these revealing looks. Who’d dare to wear a bodysuit with a glamorous cape in public? Source: Fashionisers    

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